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the "double take"/"self representation"
"The most wonderful thing happened on the train today-- I was sitting in an aisle seat and there was a younger Asian man sitting across the aisle to my left. I was focused on my phone practicing kanji when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I put my headphones aside and the man asked me if I would take his picture, gesturing at his phone and pointing at where he wanted me to stand. As a "photographer" I happily agreed to, and even felt flattered in a way (of course this man had no idea that I enjoy taking pictures, I don't know why I felt flattered). Anyway I got up and positioned myself and took a photo but I felt like it wasn't great so I took a few more and he seemed to really enjoy it, even posing in a few different ways. When I handed him the phone back he looked through them and said he liked them and thanked me. I went back to listening to music but only for a brief moment because I decided to work up the courage to ask him to photograph me. I almost always carry my Contax T3 with me and I am so glad that I had it with me today- I turned and tapped him on the shoulder and handed him the camera, asking him to photograph me. He seemed more than glad to. I moved to another seat and he took a photo from where he was sitting but then gestured at me to wait and stood up and took a few more and then returned the camera to me. I briefly explained that I wanted to start a project where I ask strangers to photograph me and that he had inspired me to actually give it a shot and he said it was his pleasure. Something about this entire encounter left me glowing."
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